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  • Work safely at heights
  • Work safely at heights
  • Work safely at heights

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"Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."-Winston Churchill

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This one (1) day course looks at ways you can work safely on construction sites where the work activity involves working above two metres from the ground level and provides the safe methods of moving or passing tools, equipment and materials to heights above two metres.  It also involves the safe use of fall protection measures as required. This includes working on roofs and in double storey houses.

This does not allow you to erect scaffolding, but will give you the knowledge you need to make sure you stay as safe as possible when working up on a scaffold.

On completion of this program participants will be able to prpeare for work on scaffolds higher than 2 metres, safely access the work area at heights, complete your work at heights as safely as possible and exit the work area and transfer all materials, tools and equipment safely back down to the ground.

If you're studying in Australia from 1 January 2015, you will be required to have a Unique Student Identifer (USI).  It's free and easy to create your own USI. Simply click on this link and follow the steps.  You must have a USI to enrol.  

  • The training program is delivered one (1) day at SCTS's training premises. 


    Program fee: Please call 02 9645 2112

    Upon successful completion of this program you will be awarded:

    Statement of Attainment CPCCCM2010 Work safely on scaffolding higher than two metres.

  • SCTS programs are specifically designed for the construction industry. The subject is nationally recognised and can only be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that complies with the governing standards of quality control and quality training and assessment. Assessment is based on competency i.e. ability to perform tasks to a required standard. Assessment is conducted through a combination of practical demonstration, class discussions, verbal questioning and written testing.


    Working at heights includes any situation where a worker, or other nearby person, is exposed to a risk of falling (from one level to another) that is likely to cause the worker or person injury.


  • To be eligible to enrol in this training program, participants must be:


    Eighteen (18) years or over.

    Able to read and write English suitable to understand the regulations and undertake the written test. Have a working knowledge of maths and mathematical formulas. (Sample language, literacy and numeracy test is available).

    Able to provide 100 points of identification, one being a current photo eg: Drivers Licence, Passport, ect. Be physically fit and not have any physical conditions that would preclude holding a drivers licence.

  • While we can support you with some English language skills, should your needs for support or assistance exceed our skills, we will refer you to a suitable organisation to assist you further, this may be a TAFE local to you.


    1. Participants must wear PPE at all times i.e. capped safety boots, high visibility clothing and a hard hat. 2. Participants who fail to provide their own PPE, will have the option to Hire/Buy PPE from either SCTS or other local vendors, or not attend the course. 3. Due to the requirements of maintaining a safe learning environment, SCTS reserves the right to withdraw any participant(s) on the grounds of safety. 4. SCTS is flexible in the format and timing of learning and assessment activities to ensure that we provide every opportunity for participants to demonstrate their skills and abilities. Should you need support or assistance beyond our skills we will refer you to a suitable organisation to assist you further. 5. SCTS offers support to all Participants with their learning needs. We can tailor the training and assessment program to assist people with learning issues and, to a more limited degree, personal issues. 6. Our Participant manual details our complaints and appeal procedure, our discipline policy, and our access and equity policy, including the contact for any Access and Equity issues. 

  • Each person that enrols into one of our programs receives a FREE Program Pack. In the pack you will receive your program learning material presented in a folder, and a personalised SCTS pen.