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Sydney Construction Training School offers two separate programs to participants to obtain either a Tower Crane licence or a Self-Erecting Tower Crane licence. The Tower Crane training program and the Self-Erecting Tower Crane training program is delivered by SCTS and are designed for participants to obtain a crane licence by gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to safely operate these machines.

What is the difference between a Tower Crane and a Self-erecting Tower Crane? A Tower Crane can be operated by a remote control and/or via a cabin if one is installed. A Tower Crane requires qualified Riggers to erect the crane. The crane is fixed to the ground on a concrete slab. A Self-erecting Tower Crane can also be operated with a remote control and via a cabin (although this quite uncommon). They are designed to be easily and rapidly transported and erected.

On completion of the Tower Crane training program and/or the Self-Erecting Tower Crane training program, participants will be able to plan the cranes work, conduct routine checks of the crane, transfer loads and shut down and secure the crane. Upon successful completion of this program you will receive a Tower Crane and/or Self-Erecting Tower Crane Statement of Attainment issued by SCTS and a Licence to operate this machinery which is issued by SafeWork NSW.